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Let's talk High St parking

Asphalting works will be completed today and landscaping and lighting –both traffic and street - works will continue in earnest. With seating and signage still to go in, the project is on track to be completed next month.

The section of works officially started two months ago today on January 15.

It was only just more than five years ago that High St was four lanes of traffic. Parking spaces were increased from 20 to 33 when linemarking changed the street from parallel parking to two lanes of traffic and the present angled parking arrangement.

With these works, there are 29 car spaces in this section of the street, three of them are for disabled parking including a parallel disabled space which allows for safe rear-loading of passengers. This is the only such space in High St.

A loading zone – included in response to feedback – and a taxi rank to accommodate two or three vehicles, are new additions to this area of the street.

Next year, when works are under way in High St south, this will be the key area for taxis in the main street.

There is also space for a pedestrian crossing that aligns with McHargs Lane leading on to Church St.

These additions cater for a wider catchment than the businesses inside the present work zone.

The council's long-term aim is to create a city heart and vibrant city centre. This is what our community said they wanted in the vision for Wodonga 2033. The council believes an attractive retail precinct that is accessible, safe and attractive will bring ongoing benefits to all businesses in our CBD.

The central junction of that CBD is the key High St and Elgin Boulevard intersection. Taking a look across the city centre, pedestrians have safe passage to cross the road and, importantly, shop and spend with local businesses.

Trees, gardens, seating and points of interest allow people - that is shoppers - places to sit, relax, enjoy sidewalk dining, to meet and to gather.

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