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Your Councillors

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Wodonga Council has seven councillors.

Council elections took place in October 2020. The new council was officially installed on November 18, 2020.

Cr Kat Bennett resigned in March 2022. A countback for the vacancy will be held in April, 2022 and Cr Danny Lowe was elected to the role.

Cr John Watson resigned in October 2022. A countback for the vacancy was held on December 6, 2022. Cr Danny Chamberlain was elected to the role.

Ron Mildren
0466 731 182

 Danny Chamberlain
Deputy Mayor
0428 325 377

Libby Hall 
0466 731 180

Danny Lowe
0466 731 179

Olga Quilty
0435 547 852

Kev Poulton
0434 958 716

Graeme Simpfendorfer
0435 243 594



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Media inquiries for further information or interviews should be directed to the Manager Communications and Marketing Kellie Davies including after hours and on weekends.

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