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Climate change

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Climate change

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Our region is already experiencing the effects of climate change. In the last decade Wodonga has seen increased average higher temperatures and reduced rainfall.

Preparing for and responding to the expected impacts of climate change will be a challenge for council and the community. Wodonga Council is responding to this challenge by doing the following.

  • Embedding consideration of climate change into all operational and strategic policy and decision making.
  • Forming co-operative partnerships with neighbouring councils to facilitate adaptation at a regional scale.
  • Increasing the resilience of Wodonga Council’s infrastructure and service delivery by building internal capacity to absorb, adapt and adjust to the expected shocks of climate change.

The highest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in Wodonga is electricity for both council operations and community. Wodonga Council has run an energy efficiency program over several years installing solar panels and LED lighting across the city. These improvements have led to a significant reduction of electricity use and associated emissions.

You can find our more on what the Victorian Government is doing by visiting their Climate Change website.