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Environment and Sustainability

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Environment and Sustainability

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The challenge for Wodonga Council is to manage the development of the city in a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable manner for now and future generations.

We have a number of priority areas for environment and sustainability that include ecosystems, water, energy, infrastructure, waste and food to enhance and protect the future sustainability of our city.

Wodonga Council has many initiatives to assist in the sustainability of our city, some of these are:

  • Installation of solar lighting across parks and reserves in the city;
  • Upgraded our central irrigation system to cut water usage and increase water efficiencies;
  • Installing solar panels on select Wodonga Council venue's, such as The Cube Wodonga to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions; 
  • Placing four 'Big Belly Bins' around the city that collect six times the amount of waste of a regular bin by using solar panels to power the internal compaction unit; and,
  • Assisting in the Community Solar Project.

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