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Community Infrastructure Levy

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Community Infrastructure Levy

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As Wodonga continues to experience strong population growth, development is expanding into the Leneva and Baranduda Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) area. The PSP is a master planned area of approximately 1,060ha in the Leneva Valley located south east of the existing Wodonga Township, bisected by Baranduda Boulevard.

The PSP outlines infrastructure projects required to ensure that future residents are provided with timely access to services, transport and other infrastructure necessary to support a quality affordable lifestyle. This includes a plan for recreation and community infrastructure.




What is the Community Infrastructure Levy?

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a one-off payment to help fund the cost of new community facilities in urban growth areas. In Wodonga, the CIL helps cover the cost of new infrastructure in the Leneva and Baranduda growth area. CIL funds will go towards the construction of a new indoor sports stadium and two new sports pavilions. 

Is my land affected by the Community Infrastructure Levy?

The CIL is applied to all land within the Leneva and Baranduda Precinct Structure Plan. To find out if your land is affected by the Community Infrastructure Levy, please follow the link below, and enter your address, the green area shown on the plan shows the areas affected.

What is community infrastructure?
Community infrastructure, or community facilities, are buildings and outdoor spaces open to the public for recreation, cultural, social or educational purposes. Within the Leneva and Baranduda PSP, the CIL will help fund the construction of an indoor stadium and two sports pavilions.
When is the levy applied?

The CIL will be charged prior to the issue of a building permit for a dwelling. The applicant for the building permit must pay the CIL to the council on lodgment of their building permit application. 

How much is the levy?

The CIL is set by the state government and indexed annually. State regulations set out the maximum that can be charged by the council. For the 2022-2023 financial year, the levy is set at $1253 per dwelling. The Planning and Environment Act 1987 (the Act) enables the DCP system to impose a community infrastructure levy (levy) to fund projects involving the construction of community buildings or facilities. For more information on Understanding the Community Infrastructure Levy please follow this link: Development contributions (planning.vic.gov.au)

Why is community infrastructure important?

Community infrastructure and spaces provide focal points for community activity. They are places where people can meet and connect. Community infrastructure can also attract people to live in or visit an area.

When will we see the infrastructure?

Once the council collects sufficient contributions, and is in a financial position to fund the portion of the cost not covered by the Community Infrastructure Levy, the Council will seek to undertake the relevant community infrastructure projects. For further information regarding the Community Infrastructure Levy please see pages 22 – 34 of this document: Leneva-Baranduda DCP 

I have paid the levy and I am now selling my land, can I get a refund?

No, once the CIL has been paid, the council as the collection agency, records that the charge on the land has been paid and the funds are committed to be used toward the delivery of the community infrastructure listed to support the area.