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Health premises

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Health premises

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Hairdresser cutting hair

Starting a health premises?

Under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008, health businesses that conduct the following activities must register with us:

  • Beauty therapy
    Any procedure intended to maintain, alter or enhance a person's appearance by, facial or body treatments, application of cosmetics, manicures or pedicures, application or mending of artificial nail and epilation including by electrolysis or hot or cold wax
  • Hairdressing
    Any procedure intended to maintain, alter or enhance a person's appearance in relation to facial or scalp hair by trimming, styling, cutting, and colouring, treating or shaving hair.
  • Skin penetration
    Any procedure performed on a person other than a surgical or medical procedure that involves, piercing, cutting, scarring, branding, scraping, puncturing or tearing of the skin using an instrument.
  • Tattooing
    Any process that involves the penetration of a person's skin to make a permanent or semi-permanent mark, pattern or design on the skin.
  • Colonic irrigation
    A procedure involving the cleansing of a person's colon.

The following health businesses are exempt from the requirements to be registered: Dentists, Medicals practitioners, Nurses, Podiatrists, Acupuncturists, Pathology services, Non-pathology analysis  businesses, and Hospitals/health centres.