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Apply for a building permit

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An application for a building permit is required for most construction works. 

All new work should be submitted along with the required documentation as listed on the application form for a building permit (Victoria).

Other application and request forms listed are required for specific purposes. You may be required to apply for other approvals such as a planning permit in some instances. 

Before applying for a building permit, please ensure you need a permit and have gathered the information required to accompany your application.

Application forms
What information do I need to submit a building permit?

The applicant does not need to own the property where the works will take place. The applicant is the person applying for the building permit on behalf of the owner and is responsible for the settlement of all applicable fees incurred.

Permit fees are determined by the cost of the works and type of construction. A quote is available upon request and is valid for 60 days from the application date. Wodonga Building Services reserves the right to review fees and make necessary adjustments during the assessment of the building application. Fees are due upon lodgement of the application.

Information required to be submitted when applying for a building permit includes:

  • Building permit application form: Filled out correctly, signed and dated;
  • Energy-efficiency rating certification: Required for new dwellings, additions and commercial/industrial buildings;
  • Owner-builder - Certificate of Consent: Required where the landowner intends to carry out domestic building work valued at more than $16,000;
  • BAL assessment (Bushfire Attack Level): Required for all Class One (houses) including alterations and additions and Class 10 (outbuildings) associated with homes constructed after March 11, 2009 or your home was constructed to comply with AS3959 - Buildings in bushfire prone areas;
  • Site plan/allotment plan: Site plan, showing boundaries and dimensions of the allotment together with levels, site cut, retaining walls, easements and method of drainage;
  • Plans of buildings: Drawings, including structural details, showing any alterations and additions;
  • Copy of title/plan of subdivision: Including block dimensions, easements, ownership, covenants and development control plans (DCPs);
  • Home owner’s warranty: Is required when the cost of any domestic works by a registered practitioner has a value of more than $16,000;
  • Specifications: Specifications including materials and other descriptive matter not shown on the plans;
  • Soil tests: Foundation soil report in accordance with AS2870;
  • Computations: Including Certificate of Compliance/Design, where structural work is proposed;
  • Protection of adjoining property: Where the construction or site cut adjoins or affects the boundary;
  • North East Water: Water main and sewer PIB connection applications must be lodged in person with the plumbers name provided; and
  • Easements: Where you propose to seek approval to construct over the easement, you will need to contact the appropriate authority to arrange consent (for example, North East Water for sewer or our assets team for stormwater).

Application forms for different permits are available online, but should you need advice please phone our building team on (02) 6022 9300.