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Founded as a customs post with its twin city Albury on the other side of the Murray River, Wodonga grew after the opening of the first bridge across the Murray River in 1860.

Originally named Wodonga, its name was changed to Belvoir then later back to Wodonga. The original post office opened on June 1, 1856. Wodonga Shire was created in 1876 when the colonial government agreed to ratepayers' petitions to have their part severed from the Yackandandah Shire and form a new municipality.

In 1973, the Wodonga Shire was granted rural city status and was officially named the Rural City of Wodonga by the Governor of Victoria, Sir Rohan Delacombe.

In 1994, we sought to retain the name in a new authority and so the Wodonga Rural City Council was born. However, the commissioners decided in 1995 that, to give the city a fresh image, the term 'rural' be dropped from use except where there was a legal requirement.

In December 2003, we applied to rename the council removing the term "rural" and it is now legally Wodonga City Council.

Area: 433.7 sq km
Floral emblem: Pink Heath
Fauna: Leadbeatters Possum
Aboriginal name: Signifying bulrushes (Wodonga)