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Bins and Collection

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Bins and Collection

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We contract Cleanaway to provide a waste, recycling and organics service to our residents. We also provide two free tipping vouchers attached to rates notices each year, for occupied residential properties. A hard waste kerbside collection service is not offered in Wodonga.

Many items can be recycled or turned into compost and most importantly, kept out of landfill. To help you make the most of the three bin system, click on the following links for handy hints and information about what you can/can't put in the bins.


PLEASE NOTE: Weight limits do apply to bins collected. If you bin weighs more than 80kg then it may not be collected. As a guide, if you’re struggling to move your bin to the kerbside for collection, it is likely it will be too heavy to lift.


Bin options

As a standard service, all households have a 240 litre organics bin, a 140 litre rubbish bin and a 240 litre recycling bin. We understand that this may not suit everyone's needs, therefore we have a range of options available, such as upsizing your recycling bin to 360 litres.

Contact us on on (02) 6022 9300 to discuss costs and options available to you. Some options might include (Charges (annual) apply):

  • Yellow-lidded (recycling) bins: 360L $20, additional 240L $44.80
  • Red-lidded (waste) bin: 240L $41.20, additional 140L $57.60
  • Green-lidded (organics) bin: Additional 240L $124.10

Bin placement

Residents whose homes are on laneways are asked to take care when placing their wheelie bins out for collection.

Ensure your bins are at least one metre apart and one metre away from fences, cars, trees and other obstructions to ensure bins can be collected and property is not damaged.


Caddy liners - what can I use?

We encourage residents to only use approved compostable liners in your kitchen caddy and organics bin. Other plastic bags, even if they are labeled as biodegradable or compostable, can't be accepted.

Every year in April, you will receive a year's supply of compostable liners. If you run out early, you can line your caddy with paper towel or newspaper or empty the organic material straight into your green bin. Alternatively, you can pick up small rolls from our city offices free of charge.



As of July 1, 2019 e-waste is no longer accepted in any bin or landfill site across Victoria.

Instead, it must be taken to dedicated e-waste drop-off points where it will be collected for resource recovery.

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