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Role of councillors

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Role of councillors

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Elected councillors are responsible for setting policy and providing vision and strategic direction to the organisation. Councillors meet weekly at briefings and officially as the 'council' once a month at a council meeting. This is usually held on the third Monday of the month.

Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Developing vision and strategies;
  • Creating plans and policies, and setting priorities;
  • Setting standards of service and quality;
  • Focussing on outcomes;
  • Consulting the community;
  • Acting as an advocate for the whole community;
  • Promoting economic and social development; and
  • Working with all levels of government to maximise local and regional benefits.
  • Many of their decisions are based on how to best use funds that are available to improve the city and its services.

Decisions are made on a majority vote of the councillors present at the meeting.