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Leneva-Baranduda growth corridor

What is the Leneva-Baranduda growth corridor?

We have established Leneva-Baranduda as the priority growth area for Wodonga in the medium to long-term future.

It is an area of approximately 20sq km located south-east of the existing built-up area of Wodonga, and is one of the largest contiguous growth areas in Victoria.

Leneva provides an excellent urban setting within a natural amphitheatre of surrounding hills and ranges.

What is the council’s vision for Leneva?

The Leneva-Baranduda growth area will be developed into a sustainable community that will achieve high standards in liveability in accordance with best practice urban design and sustainability principles.

It will service the medium to long-term residential land requirements for Wodonga and will eventually link the urban areas of Wodonga to Baranduda.

How big is the Leneva project?

The Leneva-Baranduda growth area will:

  • Provide housing for approximately 35,000 people;
  • Provide approximately 14,000 new homes;
  • Provide approximately 6000 new jobs;
  • Be developed as a sustainable green community with a focus on healthy lifestyles, natural landscapes and environmental lands, walkability, energy efficiency and sustainable water use;
  • Have physical and social infrastructure provided early and in a co-ordinated way, to ensure that communities are built rather than just releasing land for development;
  • Include a range of housing densities and choices to meet the needs of people in all stages of the lifecycle;
  • Demonstrate improved urban design and more sustainable choices in housing; and
  • Will accommodate the people who will work in the revitalised Wodonga central business area and developing industrial areas.

Balancing development with environmental objectives

The Leneva-Baranduda growth corridor includes a network of environmental reserves. These reserves have been gradually transferred into the council and Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) ownership by the Albury-Wodonga Corporation (AWC) since 2007, following a study by all three parties that defined the growth areas and important environmental values to be preserved within them.

This study was incorporated into the Wodonga Planning Scheme in October 2013 as the Leneva Valley and Baranduda Native Vegetation Precinct Plan (NVPP). The NVPP creates 3 categories of land:

  • Category¬†one land, where native vegetation may be removed without a permit to allow for development;
  • Category¬†two land, where native vegetation should be retained but may be removed subject to a planning permit and provision of offsets; and
  • Category¬†three land (the reserve network) which is environmentally significant and will be permanently protected to balance vegetation lost to development.

The NVPP balances environmental and development objectives and provides a level of certainty for developers, Council and the community. This was a pilot Victorian project that became a model for a statewide amendment to all planning schemes, allowing for similar outcomes elsewhere in the State.

The result is approximately 400ha of reserves that protect waterways and threatened woodland remnants which provide habitat for significant species, such as the Swift Parrot and Squirrel Gliders. The value of these reserves will only increase as the City grows into this area. In addition to providing significant habitat, the beauty of the natural environment will form an integral part of the distinct urban character of Wodonga.

If you would like a copy of the Leneva Valley and Baranduda Native Vegetation Precinct Plan please contact the council’s strategic planning team (02) 6022 300.

An aerial view of Leneva Valley (taken in 2012).
An aerial view of Leneva Valley (taken in 2012).

What documents guide this project?

Wodonga Council has prepared the Draft Leneva-Baranduda Growth Area Framework Plan 2012to guide the future development of this area. This plan builds on work previously prepared for the growth area and contains the most detailed planning undertaken to date.

Leneva-Baranduda Precinct Structure Plan

If you would like to find out more information about this, please visit the Metropolitan Planning Authority website.


PDFDraft Leneva-Baranduda Growth Area Framework Plan 2012 (PDF 4773KB)

Last updated: 08-04-2016

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