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Leneva Baranduda Development Contributions Plan

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Leneva Baranduda Development Contributions Plan

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The Leneva-Baranduda Development Contributions Plan (DCP) has been developed in parallel with the PSP to inform and direct the future planning and development of the precinct. The DCP requires development proponents to make a contribution toward infrastructure required to support the future community.

The DCP is a planning and legal instrument used to levy new development for contributions under the Planning and Environment Act (1987). Funds received through a DCP can be used for a wide range of projects including:

  • New roads and intersections and upgrades;
  • New drainage infrastructure and upgrades;
  • New parks and play spaces; and,
  • Sporting and community facilities.

A planning overlay applies to the land where the DCP applies so that land owners know what their future obligations are if they subdivide and/or develop their land.

Development Contribution Rates

Summary of Development Contribution Rates - Current to June 30, 2023.

These rates should be read in conjunction with Schedule 1 to the Development Contributions Plan Overlay in the Planning Scheme and are indexed annually.

Summary – Net Developable Area

Charge Area

Total Cost Of Contribution

Contribution Per Net Developable Hectare




Summary – Development Infrastructure Levy


Total Cost Of Projects

Contribution Per Net Developable Hectare
















Community Infrastructure Levy


Estimated dwellings

Estimated total contribution

Capped at $1253 per dwelling



Note: This schedule sets out a summary of the costs and contributions prescribed in the Development Contributions Plan. The above per hectare development levies are based on the total cost of the infrastructure type. The costs are not distinguished by proposed development precincts. Refer to the incorporated Development Contributions Plan for full details and precinct costs.