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Three bin system

Three bin system

We have introduced a new three-bin household waste collection system as part of the Halve Waste initiative, essential to reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

What is the new three-bin household waste system?

The new three-bin household waste system allows food and garden waste to be collected, as well as regular waste and recycling collections.  The bins will be collected as follows:

  • WEEKLY collection of 240L organics bin (garden and food waste) - Green-lidded bin.
  • FORTNIGHTLY collection of 240L recycling bin - Yellow Lid
  • FORTNIGHTLY collection of 140L general waste bin - Red lid

This represents a more than 60 per cent increase in the volume of waste removed from each household compared to the current two bin system.

Why do we need three bins?

We need to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill - it's as simple as that. Our landfill is an important asset that needs to protected to ensure its viability for future generations. The alternative will be to transport our waste out of the region at significantly higher costs. The more organic waste (i.e. things made out of materials that were once living) that we put into the ground, the more methane gas is produced which is 20 times worse than carbon dioxide.

Will my garbage charges change?

Every year your garbage charge increases slightly in line with inflation. If you were previously charged for the 2-bin system your rates will increase to the cost of the 3-bin system.  If you already have a green bin your rates will decrease. 

What will I be able to put in my green-lidded organics bin?

You can put in all your food scraps including fish, meat and bones, teabags, coffee grounds and cooked foods. Garden waste such as prunings, grass clippings, sticks, weeds and flowers can also be included. The new system will also allow collection of contaminated paper such as paper towels, pizza boxes, shredded paper and tissues, as well as pet droppings. However, you cannot include things like plastic bags, general household waste, treated or laminated timber or old clothing. These need to go in your general waste bin.

How do I get my new organics bin?

If you are a new property owner or require a service, please phone our customer focus department on (02) 6022 9300 to organise.

How often will my bins be collected?

The new organics bin will be emptied weekly and the general refuse and recycling bins will be emptied fortnightly on alternate weeks. 

Which other councils are introducing organics bins?

Three other councils in this region - AlburyCity, Indigo Shire Council and Corowa Shire Council - are also introducing the organics bin. More than 22 other councils around Australia have already introduced them.

How can I find out more?

For more information, usefil tips and information sheets, go to the Halve Waste website.



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PDFHow can I make the most of my three bins - fact sheet (PDF 125KB)

Last updated: 18-02-2016

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