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Grants help ideas to grow

1 Aug, 2022

Author and creator Aimee Chan had an idea to develop a stage show based on her children’s book, The Happy Mask, and to help make it a reality, she came to Wodonga Council for help.

Facing ongoing costs to advance the project, Aimee successfully applied for one of the council’s community grants and the project powered ahead, with local children soon to be among those enjoying Aimee’s story on stage.

For the artists involved in the project, the successful application had one very important benefit – it meant they got paid for their work.

“Artists often end up working unpaid because we don’t know whether a project is going to get off the ground or not,” Aimee said.

“(The funding) means this is the first paid acting gig for them which is a really good opportunity for them, and I’m also getting to create (the stage show) which I’ve never done before and now it’s getting a lot of interest.

Aimee, who was successful in the February round of the grants process, is encouraging others with ideas to develop projects or infrastructure that will benefit the community to apply in the current round.

Applications can be made on the council’s website.

Other successful applications in the February round included projects to celebrate local history, improve the environment, and create cultural opportunities for the community to enjoy.

Aimee says eligible applicants with good ideas would do well to apply.

“Wodonga Council has always been very supportive of my creative work and every time I think of an idea there’s always been someone willing to explain how the grants process works and I’ve definitely found it a very positive experience,” she said.

Partly thanks to the grants support, Aimee plans to test The Happy Mask with local schools at no charge – a treat for children and much-needed support for our arts sector.

The latest round is open until August 26 – so if you have an idea that will add to the vibrancy and liveability of Wodonga, check out the grants opportunities and see if you can get help to bring your idea to life.

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