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Community Impact Grants

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Community Impact Grants

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The Community Impact Grants program aims to empower community organisations to grow ideas in innovative and creative ways to improve the city and strengthen the community.

Community organisations can apply for grants to the value of $4000.

The grant program links to the outcomes and key focus areas in the Council Plan. The program provides funding to support projects/events under the categories and their aims listed below.

All projects and events must directly benefit Wodonga residents and be held in the Wodonga municipality, with the exception of the Connected Communities category which permits activities in Albury.

Building Stronger Communities
  • Support healthy and active lifestyles
  • Foster an inclusive and diverse community and encourage community participation
  • Support volunteers and encourage volunteering
  • Improve community safety
  • Create and strengthen community collaborations and partnerships
  • Improve mental wellbeing and community resilience
  • Prevent violence against women and promote gender equality
  • Improve access to employment pathways, particularly for young people
  • Improve ways for residents to move around the city and to access services
  • Increase access to green spaces and outdoor recreation
Environmental Sustainability
  • Create long-term benefit to Wodonga’s environment
  • Be sustainable and not rely on council’s ongoing maintenance or upkeep
  • Raise awareness and understanding of environmental sustainability issues
  • Improve the community’s capacity to respond to climate change
Community events
  • Celebrate the cultural, social, and recreational diversity within the city
  • Cater for diverse community members
  • Attract and grow new and inspiring events, which benefit the community, celebrate connection, and attract visitors to Wodonga
  • Nurture a sense of community identity and positive engagement
  • Create opportunities for a maximum number of Wodonga residents to engage and experience events and festivals
Arts and Culture
  • Develop and promote art and cultural works produced in the region
  • Foster activation of Wodonga, building a dynamic city profile to grow visitation through cultural tourism experiences
  • Provide equitable access to diverse cultural experiences, resources, and opportunities that encourage engagement and participation
  • Preserve and interpret the history, heritage, and contemporary stories of the people of Wodonga, their city and region
  • Cultivate professional development of the arts in Wodonga and foster partnerships between artists, cultural workers, and the wider community
Connected Communities
  • Encourage collaboration across Albury-Wodonga
  • Leverage innovation and resources from across the region to provide opportunities of benefit to Albury-Wodonga
  • Facilitate the participation of Wodonga residents in regional events and programs
  • Support economic development and job creation
  • Leverage regional benefits to attract visitors and new residents to the city of Wodonga

Key dates and times for 2023

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One 9am on Wednesday, February 1 5pm on Monday, March 13