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Planning applications on public exhibition

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Closing Date 


31B Mullins Road Killara 

Development of a second dwelling on a lot in the GRZ1 

4th July 2019 


14 Brockley St Wodonga 

Three lot subdivision and three dwellings on the land 

 2nd July 2019


10 Cummings St Wodonga 

 Construction of a second dwelling on a lot and two lot subdivision

 27th June 2019


 30A McFarland Road, Wodonga

Buildings and works to construct a dwelling on a lot containing an existing dwelling and subdivision of the land into two lots and common property 

 8th July 2019


 72 Brockley St Wodonga

Development and Use of a Dwelling in the GRZ1 on a lot less than 300m2 

5th July 2019 


 87 Baxter-Whelans Road, Barnawartha North

Buildings and Works (Earthworks and Shed) in the Industrial 1 Zone and Design and Development 3 Overlay 

 25th June 2019

The full application is available to view at our reception in Hovell St, Wodonga during business hours. If you have any queries regarding these, please phone the planning team between 10am and 3pm on (02) 6022 9300.

Please read the following before making an objection to a planning application that is on public exhibition to the responsible authority (the council).

These points will help you to comply with the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and will also assist our planning officers to understand your application.

  • Make sure you clearly understand what is proposed before you make an objection. It is essential that you inspect the application at our office before making a submission;
  • To make an objection you should clearly state the application number, proposal, and applicant;
  • An objection should explain:
    • Why you object to the application; and
    • How you would be affected if a permit is granted;
  • We may reject a submission which we consider has been made primarily to secure or maintain a direct or indirect commercial advantage for the objector. In this case, the Act applies as if the objection had not been made;
  • The Planning and Environment Act 1987 requires us to make available for inspection, any submission made to an application including the name and address of the submitter. The Privacy Act does not override this legislation;
  • If your objection relates to an effect on property other than at your address as shown on your letter received, give details of that property and of your interest in it;
  • To ensure we consider your objection, make sure that we receive it by the date shown in the notice you were sent or which you saw in a newspaper or on the site and include your name, postal address and contact number;
  • If you object before we make a decision; we will tell you of our decision;
  • Please note that we do not not place greater weight on petitions over individual submissions;
  • If despite your objection to us, we decide to grant the permit, you can appeal against the decision. Details of the appeal procedures are set out on the back of the notice of decision which you will receive. An appeal must be made on a prescribed form (obtained from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal) and accompanied by the prescribed fee. A copy of your application for review must be given to us, the applicant for the planning approval and any referral authority. Any appeals must be made within 21 days of us giving notice of our decision; and
  • If we refuse the application, the applicant can also appeal. These provisions are set out on the refusal of planning application, which will be issued at that time.

Objections must be signed, and emailed to:


or in writing and posted to:

Wodonga Council,
PO Box 923,
VIC 3689


Use and development of a display home in the GRZ1 and DDO6, application to provide five (5) car parking spaces on another site and to erect and display business identification of signage
Development of two (2) new dwellings and subdivision of the land into two (2) lots
Buildings and works for four (4) dwellings

2019.PDFPlanning Application 69/2019 (2019.PDF 16526KB)

2019.PDFPlanning Application 61/2019 (2019.PDF 13362KB)

2019.PDFPlannign Application 44/2019 (2019.PDF 11485KB)

2019.PDFPlanning Application 65/2019 (2019.PDF 12173KB)

2019.PDFPlanning Application 58/2019 (2019.PDF 18448KB)

2019.PDFPlanning application 62/2019 (2019.PDF 8856KB)

Last updated: 24-06-2019

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