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Tobacco reforms

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Tobacco reforms

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From August 1, 2017, changes to the Tobacco Act 1987 (Tobacco Act) mean that residents can enjoy a smoke-free environment while eating out in all enclosed environments such a shopping centres, restaurants, licensed premises and gaming venues.

In addition, places frequented by children, enclosed environments, under-age ‘music/dance’ events and all covered areas of train station platforms and bus stops are also smoke free.

Smoke-free areas include:

  • Entrances to indoor children’s play centres, public hospitals and registered community health centres and certain Victorian Government buildings
  • The grounds of, and entrances to, childcare centres, kindergartens, preschools and primary and secondary schools
  • Outdoor recreational areas, including playground equipment, skate parks and sporting venues during under-age sporting events
  • Outdoor areas of public swimming pools
  • Enclosed workplaces
  • Train stations, tram-stop platforms and tram and bus shelters
  • Under-age music or dance events

These laws have been enacted to help keep Victorian communities free from tobacco-related illnesses caused by second-hand tobacco smoke, as well as supporting people who have quit or are trying to quit smoking.

The council’s environmental health team are responsible for ensuring that all commercial or public premises are compliant with tobacco laws.

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As of August 1, 2017 the Victorian State Government has banned smoking in outdoor dining areas at hospitality and food venues.

This includes footpath dining areas, courtyards and beer gardens during times food is being eaten, or is available to be eaten, in in all outdoor areas at food fairs and within 10 metres of a food stall or food vendor at organised outdoor event (other than a food fair).

To complement smoke-free outdoor dining, smoking is also banned in an outdoor drinking area if any part of that area is within four metres of an outdoor dining area, unless separated by a wall of at least 2.1 metres high. This means the two areas can be separated by either a 4 metre buffer zone; or a wall of at least 2.1 metres high.

If the separation requirement is not met, smoking is banned in the outdoor drinking area. This law applies to the same venue as well as to neighbouring venues.