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What we can/can't accept

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What we can/can't accept

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What we can accept? 

You can recycle a wide range of materials at the Waste Transfer Station. 

The below items can be dropped off at the Waste Transfer Station at a cost.

  • Concrete and bricks: Clean concrete and bricks can be disposed of. It is illegal to drop off any product that may contain asbestos (if unsure, please ask at the boom gate).
  • Greenwaste: This includes your lawn clippings, branches and garden prunings. Please don’t contaminate your green waste.
  • Timber: Raw timber, frames and doors. Excludes treated timber products.
  • Soil: A processing fee applies.
  • LPG gas cylinders (car): A processing fee applies.
  • Gas cylinders/barbecue gas bottles: A processing fee applies.
  • Waste: By the time you have disposed of all your recyclable materials, you should have very little waste to drop-off at the general waste collection point.
  • Silage wrap: Clean silage wrap, vine wrap and bunker cover.
  • Mattresses: Single, double and larger.
  • Whitegoods: This includes fridges, freezers, air conditioners and refrigerant motor goods.
  • Tyres: A processing fee applies.

The below items can be dropped off for free.

  • Cardboard and paper: Cardboard boxes (please flatten) and all types of paper including newspapers, magazines, envelopes, brochures, catalogues, phone books.
  • Plastics (codes 1 to 7): Clean milk bottles, soft drink bottles, cordial bottles, detergent bottles, juice bottles, ice cream, margarine, yogurt containers and lids, and polystyrene. Please don’t include plastic bags.
  • Glass: Clean bottles and jars (green, brown and white). Please don’t include broken drinking glasses, window glass or crockery.
  • Aluminium and steel: Cans, clean foil trays and clean steel cans are accepted.
  • Batteries: Car and truck batteries.
  • Scrap metal: Car bodies, iron, steel, wire, some whitegoods. No gas cylinders.
  • Waste oil: Clean used or unwanted motor oil can be disposed of into the collection tanks (less than 20 litres). This includes cooking oil.
  • drumMUSTER: Clean and empty chemical drums (both plastic and steel) are accepted. Must be triple rinsed.
  • Paint: Paint tins are accepted whether they are full or empty.
  • Electrical waste: Video and DVD players, stereos, game consoles, photocopiers, vacuum cleaners, telephones, fax machines, microwaves, hair dryers, toasters, kettles and drills.
  • Televisions and computer associated products: Includes all televisions, computer monitors, keyboards/mouse, computer speakers, printers, laptops, and mobile phones.

What we cannot accept?

The Waste Transfer Station does not accept asbestos or toxic chemicals (sulphuric acid, etc) or household chemical products. 

If you are unsure, please ring the transfer station prior to arrival.