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Recycling and waste FAQs

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Recycling and waste FAQs

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How often are my bins collected?

Your organics bin (green-lidded) are collected weekly, while your recycling (yellow-lid) and garbage (red-lidded) bins are collected on alternate fortnights, the same day as your landfill bin.

To find out when your bins are collected in your street, visit our bins and collection page.

Where do I place my bin for collection?

Our trucks have a mechanical arm to lift the bins, so your bins will need to be in a place where the arm can reach it.

Please put your bins near the kerb or roadside with the wheels facing the house or property. We also recommend leaving a metre between each bin to allow space for the arm to lift each bin.

Do not put your bins too close to trees or light poles, behind parked cars or with the wheels facing the wrong way. If you live in a court you should try and put your bins along the straight section of the street for safer and easier collection.

Why hasn’t my bin been emptied?

There could be many reasons why your bin hasn’t been emptied. Some of the reasons could be:

  • You put your bins out too late
  • The bin was facing the wrong direction, the bin handles need to face your property and not the kerb or roadside. As the collection vehicles have a driver-only mechanical lifting arm, the bins need to be within easy reach
  • The bin was too close to trees, a light pole or a parked car
  • You overloaded your bin so that it was too heavy (max weight 70kg) – if you’re struggling to bring your bin to the kerb, chances are it will be too heavy for the mechanical-arm to lift
  • You overfilled your bin so that the lid did not close
  • You placed additional materials beside or on top of your bin
  • You contaminated your bin by placing unacceptable items in your bin

If you find that your bin has been missed, you can let us know via our online services.

Or phone us on (02) 6022 9300 and our customer service team will follow this up for you. We request that you leave your bin out on the kerb and do not remove it until it has been emptied.

What do I do if my bin is damaged or stolen?

Whether your bin has a broken lid, a wheel missing or has been stolen, there are a couple of ways you can let us know. The easiest way is to go online to our Online Services and request for a replacement bin.

Alternatively, you can phone our customer service team on (02) 6022 9300.

I want to change the sizes of my bins, what do I do?

We understand that the standard bin sizes may not suit all households, especially those with larger families or those with medical conditions. That’s why there are a range of options for you to upsize your bin.

Take a look at the options on our website here.

I don’t need a green bin, do I still need to pay for one?

The green waste bin comes as standard service for all residents in the Wodonga municipality. In 2015, together with Halve Waste, the council introduced the three-bin system with the goal to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill by 50 per cent by 2020.

Anything that is organic material is able to be placed in your green bin, along with your garden and lawn clippings. To find out what can go in your green bin, visit the Halve Waste website.

What can I put in my green-lidded organics bin?

You can put in all your food scraps including fish, meat and bones, citrus fruit, onions, tea bags, coffee grounds and cooked foods, even dairy products like cheese and yoghurt can be included. Garden waste such as grass clippings, sticks, weeds and flowers can also be included. The green bin system also allows the collection of pet droppings.

However, you cannot include things like plastic or biodegradable bags, soil, general household waste, nappies, treated or laminated timber or old clothing. These need to go in your red lidded garbage bin.

Are my general waste and recycling bins picked up on public holidays?

Yes, bins are collected on all public holidays including Christmas Day.

We always advise to make sure your bins are put out on the kerb the night before your bin collection, as sometimes they can be a collected a little earlier than usual.

What time must I have my bins out?

We always recommend placing your bin on the kerb the night before bin collection.

How do I report illegally dumped rubbish?

Illegal dumping of rubbish or littering can cause a range of significant environmental issues including increasing the risk of fire, contaminating land and polluting waterways. That’s why we need your help to reduce illegal dumping.

You can report illegal dumping to us via our website and a civic services officer will investigate.

I never have enough room in my recycling bin, what can I do?

Firstly, we recommend checking your recycling bin to ensure that all boxes have been folded or squashed and plastic containers (such as milk or soft drink bottles) have been crushed.

HalveWaste has some tips and tricks for you on the website including some great information sheets on how to recycle more and getting the most out of your recycling bin.

If you’ve tried all of these and still finding you don’t have enough room, you can request a larger bin from the council. Learn more about your bin options at on our website.

Won’t my red bin smell if it’s only collected every two weeks?

Unless you have nappies or medical waste, there should be nothing in your red bin to create odours, as all smelly organic waste will be placed in the green-lidded organics bin, which is collected weekly.

Try to leave your bin in a shady area to prevent it heating up. Ensure your bin lid closes properly and if your bin is broken or the lid is cracked please contact Wodonga Council on (02) 6022 9300.

I’m concerned about nappy smell because my red bin is only collected fortnightly.

There are a number of methods you can use to minimise odour. Ensure all food waste and green waste products are placed in the green-lidded organics bin. If possible, empty nappy solids into the toilet and ensure nappies are tightly sealed within a nappy disposal bag or double wrapped in plastic supermarket bags, before placing in your red lidded garbage bin. Store your red bin in the shade and ensure your bin lid remains closed at all times.

Can I recycle plastic bags?

Unfortunately, soft plastics like plastic bags and cling wrap can’t be recycled through your kerbside recycling bin. Please recycle them at your nearest supermarket via REDcycle. You can view your nearest location at their website.

Can I recycle old phones, batteries and computers?

These items cannot be recycled within your kerbside recycling bin, however they can be taken to the Resource Recovery Centre for recycling. Please visit the Resource Recovery Centre pages for more information.

Why can I only use compostable liners?

It is very important households only use compostable liners, as any other type of liner or bag (including plastic and biodegradable bags) will be considered contamination and your bin may not be collected. Biodegradable liners or bags are different to compostable liners as they do not break down, instead breaking into tiny pieces. This creates contamination through the end soil product. Compostable liners are designed to completely break down during the composting process and will return to valuable soil.

How do I get replacement compostable liners?

Wodonga Council provides small rolls of compostable liners to residents for free.

These are available for collection from our Hovell St offices.