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The council performs a large range of animal control functions and also plays an important leadership role in supporting and promoting responsible pet ownership. 

All cats and dogs three months or older must be registered annually. You can register them online.

In accordance with the Domestic Animals Act 1994, we have adopted the Domestic Animal Management Plan. The DAMP is a four year plan which aims to cater for the needs of pets, their owners and promotes responsible pet ownership. 

Pet Exchange Register

From July 1, 2019 any person or business who is advertising to sell or giveaway a dog or cat will need to be enrolled on the Pet Exchange Register.

The Pet Exchange Register (PER) is an online database where individuals and businesses can register for a source number. It promotes responsible pet breeding and improves the traceability of dogs and cats in Victoria. 

It will be an offence to advertise unless the advertisement includes the animal's microchip number and source number generated by the register.

Learn more about the Pet Exchange Register at Agriculture Victoria's website.