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Youth committees

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FReeZA Youth Program expressions of interest

This is a call-out for young people to join the Wodonga FReeZA Youth Program for 12 months.  

With support from Wodonga Council, the Wodonga FReeZA Youth Program will plan and run fun and engaging youth-focused events, including one major event, per year.   
Group members will be provided with opportunities for training and development, and develop team-work skills, be able to plan and run youth events and programs, and there’s free food at all meetings!   
Young people who live, work, study or play in Wodonga are eligible.    
Ages 12 to 25 years of all backgrounds and demographic identities are encouraged to apply.  
For more information, email youth@wodonga.vic.gov.au or phone the Youth Officer on
(02) 6022 9300. 


We believe the best way to have successful events that young people will want to come to, is to have them organised and run by young people. 

Our youth committees engaged young people (aged 14 to 24 years) in projects that are authentic and provide real-world context for learning where the voice of young people are heard and acted upon. The four main committee sub-groups include:

  • Sport and recreation; 
  • Music and performing arts;
  • Art and culture; and,
  • Health promotion and early Intervention. 

Whether you have a short amount of time to give for an event or you have lots of spare time, our committees are designed to be safe, inclusive and flexible to reflect the diversity of the young people within our community. 

To find out how you can join a youth committee, send an email to our Youth Development Officer at youth@wodonga.vic.gov.au

We would also like to acknowledge, the majority of our youth events, activities and programs would not be possible without the support of Victorian Government funding. FReeZA and ENGAGE! Funding enables our young people to enjoy zero to low cost, fully supervised, drug, alcohol and smoke-free events.