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Pets of Wodonga Council: Meet Ted

25 Mar, 2020

Here at Wodonga Council we love pets and want to introduce you to some of our staff and their four-legged friends during our annual pet registration period.

This week we meet Ted, a standard groodle, who belongs to Miranda in our events team.

Miranda answered a few questions about her adorable dog which we want to share with you.

How old is Ted? Almost two.

Any tricks or quirks? Ted can shake, nose bump and thinks it's funny to walk between people's legs. 

Favourite place to visit? Anywhere he can run about with other dogs, particularly if it involves a ride in the car.

Favourite food? Strawberries and watermelon, or peanut butter on toast.

Favourite place to sleep at home? He will sleep anywhere he fits, and often it’ll be on his back with his paws in the air.

What does Ted enjoy most?  Playing with his toy pig, making people laugh and pestering the cat. He gives the best cuddles!

We know how devastated we would be if our beloved pet went missing, so we encourage Wodonga pet owners to update their details.

If your pet is registered and microchipped, there is a much higher chance of your four-legged friend being returned to you, if it ends up in an animal shelter or vet clinic.

Pet registrations in Wodonga are due on April 10 each year.

Under Victorian law, dogs and cats three months and older must be microchipped and registered with council.

Pet registrations are the legal responsibility of all pet owners. Failing to register a pet, or to renew an existing registration, can result in a fine of over $300.

Registration is easy. To find out how or to download a pet registration form visit council's website here.

Please remember that council will not register a new cat unless the cat is desexed or is exempt under the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

Cat owners are required to contain their pets to their property between sunset and sunrise, unless restrained and in the presence of their owner.