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Have you registered your furry friend with us?

9 Mar, 2023

Wodonga Council is urging all pet owners to update their details by April 10 as part of the annual pet registration.

Under Victorian Government law, dogs and cats three months and older must be microchipped and registered with council.

Pet registrations in Wodonga are due on April 10 each year.

Wodonga Council’s Team Leader Compliance, Craig McClanahan, said ensuring your pet is registered can save a lot of stress when pets go missing.

“If your pet is registered and microchipped, there’s a much higher chance of your four-legged friend being returned to you, as our rangers make all reasonable attempts to return your pet before it ends up in the pound,” he said.

Pet registrations are the legal responsibility of all pet owners, under the Victorian Domestic Animals Act.

Failing to register a pet, or to renew an existing registration, can result in a fine and cause your pet unnecessarily go to the pound.

Registration is easy. To find out how, or to download a pet registration form, click here.

There are also discounts for pet owners who register and meet certain requirements such as providing evidence of a desexed pet.

Check out the other discounts available by visiting council’s website.

Please remember that the council will not register a new cat unless the cat is desexed or is exempt under the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

For more information on pet registration and cat ownership please contact Wodonga Council on (02) 6022 9300.

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