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Proposed Public Toilet Strategy

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Proposed Public Toilet Strategy

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Proposed Public Toilet Strategy


Why we're consulting

In line with our Community Engagement Policy, we’re involving the community and seeking feedback to inform the development of the Public Toilet Strategy.

What we hope to achieve

Following consultation with the community, a strategy will be drafted and presented to council with a recommendation to put the strategy on exhibition for further feedback in May.


Wodonga Council is aiming to provide safe, clean and accessible public toilets for Wodonga residents and visitors.

Everyone has used a public toilet at one time or another. Yet it’s easy to overlook the important role that public toilets play in supporting community health, inclusion and access to public spaces. Public toilets contribute to the liveability and appeal of cities for residents and visitors alike. Inadequate public toilets can be detrimental to businesses and tourism, can affect the wellbeing of residents and the health of the environment. Inadequate facilities and poor access can also impact on social and recreational activity.

For some people - such as older people, families, pregnant women, workers whose job involves driving, or those living with certain health conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome or incontinence - the location and amenity of public toilets can be an important consideration when leaving the home. For people with disabilities or high support needs, accessible public toilets and changing facilities enable them to enjoy daily activities many of us take for granted, such as shopping, working, studying or socialising.

Public toilets also play a role in supporting community resilience and safety, by providing sanitation and dignity for people experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, or emergency situations or disasters.

The proposed Public Toilet Strategy would adopt current best practices for the development of new public toilets and for the refurbishment and maintenance of existing facilities.

The proposed objective of the strategy is to:

  • Prioritise the safety and wellbeing of users;
  • Enhance the public toilet facility user experience;
  • Provide a comprehensive network of facilities in key locations;
  • Ensure compliance with legislation; and,
  • Provide equitable access to facilities through universal design principles.

Ways to have your say

This consultation is open from Tuesday, March 7 to Monday, March 27. 

Anyone who lives, works, studies or invests in Wodonga or visits the municipality and uses the facilities, is invited to review the information provided, ask questions and provide feedback during this time.

Ways to provide feedback for consideration

March 27, 2023

This consultation is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide feedback.

March 7, 2023

This consultation is now open.

Submissions can be made online (using the online form below), by e-mail or phone.

Written submissions must be clearly marked as 'Proposed Public Toilet Strategy' and will be received up until Monday, March 27, 2023. They can also be sent by:

  • Consult

    Seek and receive the views of community members on issues that directly affect them or in which they may have a significant interest

  • Involve

    Learn from community members and receive feedback to influence the development and evaluation of policies, programs and services

  • Collaborate

    Joint learning, decision making and actions between Council and community members

Life Cycle
  • Open

    This consultation is open for feedback between March 7 and March 27, 2023

  • Under review

    The submission period for this consultation is now closed. The project team will report back on the key outcomes.

  • Final report

    The final outcomes of the consultation will be documented here. This may include a summary of all the contributors collected.