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Draft Physical Activity Strategy 2021-2026

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Draft Physical Activity Strategy 2021-2026

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Draft Physical Activity Strategy 2021-2026


Physical activity has many social and wellbeing benefits, including better quality of sleep, providing people with a greater sense of energy, increasing health, self-esteem and confidence, improving mental health and supporting community connection.

To encourage residents to be more physically active and to provide the infrastructure, services and programs to enable this to occur, Wodonga Council developed a Physical Activity Strategy 2015-2020.

Now, it’s time to refresh our city’s Physical Activity Strategy to guide the development of recreation facilities, services and programs for the next five years.

The Draft Physical Activity Strategy 2021-2026 aims to:
  • Plan, build and establish spaces and places that support active living;
  • Increase community awareness and activity through campaigns and initiatives that address sedentary behaviour and promote active living; and,
  • Support local community groups and networks that seek to increase physical activities for all people in the community

What has changed from the previous strategy?
  • The data and statistics have been reviewed and updated
  • The strategy has been informed by a physical activity survey of 159 people conducted by Wodonga Council in June and July 2020
  • The strategy has been informed by feedback from stakeholders who were asked, as part of the 2020 physical activity survey, what they thought the priorities should be in Wodonga for the coming five years

What do you think of the Draft Physical Activity Strategy 2021-2026?

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Nov 15, 2021

The Physical Activity was adopted by council.

Sept 16, 2021

This consultation has now closed.

Thank you to everyone who contributed their feedback.

Aug 18, 2021

This consultation is now open for public comment.

Submissions can be made online (using the online form below), by e-mail or phone.

Written submissions must be clearly marked as '' and will be received up until . They can also be sent by:

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    This consultation is open from Tuesday, August 18, 2021 to Tuesday, September 15, 2021

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    The submission period for this consultation is now closed. The project team will report back on the key outcomes.

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    The final outcomes of the consultation will be documented here. This may include a summary of all the contributors collected.

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