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Developing an Open Space Strategy

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Developing an Open Space Strategy

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Developing an Open Space Strategy


Open space is important to our daily lives for many reasons: providing us recreation, socialisation, play, contemplation, green infrastructure, enjoyment, and protection of our natural environments.

Wodonga Council is developing an open space strategy that builds on existing documents, provides definitive standards for development, is considerate of local community and stakeholder interests, and is appropriate to local environmental and climatic conditions.

The strategy will guide future planning, design, provision and management of open space in Wodonga over the next 15 years and will includes actions to address existing community open space and recreational needs, to anticipate and meet the open space requirements of the city's forecast population and changing leisure and recreational trends.

Following this consultation, a draft strategy will be prepared which will include an action plan prioritised over a 15-year timeframe, which is the proposed planning period of the strategy.

A process for monitoring progress will be established and the strategy reviewed at a suitable time to ensure it reflects changing planning and development context and circumstances.

Feedback will be considered in the development of a draft strategy which will come back to the community for an exhibition period for being adopted by the council.

Have your say

Four factsheets have been developed that provide background and context around developing an open space strategy.

There are five maps that show the following open spaces across the city.

An interactive map of the gaps has been developed and allows you provide feedback directly on the map and suggestions on open spaces across Wodonga.

You can provide feedback via the survey or the feedback form below or by writing to the council.

Our offices are closed due to the impacts of COVID-19 but if you would like the hard copies of the materials, please email us at makewodongayours@wodonga.vic.gov.au with a mailing address and we will have them sent out to you.

April 14, 2020

This consultation has now closed. 

Thank you to everyone who had their say on this strategy.


Complete the online survey at surveymonkey.com/r/openspaces

March 11, 2020

We want to know which open spaces and facilities you love and why to inform a draft Open Space Strategy. We want to find out how you use our open spaces now, how you would like to use them in the future, where you think the gaps are and where you think improvements could be made.

Open space includes parks, playgrounds, gardens, waterways, nature trails, sporting reserves and urban green spaces. Please see the fact sheets and maps for background information.

Please provide your feedback by Thursday, April 9.

Submissions can be made online (using the online form below), by e-mail or phone.

Written submissions must be clearly marked as '' and will be received up until . They can also be sent by:

Document Library
Life cycle
  • Community Feedback

    We’re asking how you use open spaces and how you would like to use them in the future

  • Under review

    Summary of first stage of engagement and development of draft strategy.

  • Exhibition period

    The draft strategy will be placed out on public exhibition for your feedback.

  • Adoption and final report

    The strategy will be presented to the councillors for adoption along with a report on the community feedback.

Key Dates
  • Wednesday, March 11

    Strategy is open for comment

  • Monday, April 6

    Community forum

  • Thursday, April 9

    Consultation closes.

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