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Proposed road rename - Frederic Street Rd

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Proposed road rename - Frederic Street Rd

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Proposed road rename - Frederic Street Rd


Wodonga Council is seeking feedback on the proposal to rename Frederic Street Rd, Wodonga to Frederic Rd.

Frederic Street Road is a rural country road, located south of Baranduda Boulevard in Leneva. It was formally a part of Streets Rd until 2005. It has been named after one of Leneva’s Pioneer families – Frederic Street.

Frederic Street was born in Hampshire, England in 1807 andmarried Sarah Kinchington in England in 1836. They migrated to Australia in 1838 and managed 145,000 acres of Baranduda Station from 1852 until 1880s. It was one of the main meat suppliers to the surrounding goldfields population. 

The council's Place Names Committee received a request from residents on Frederic Street Rd to rename the road.

The PNC discussed the request and decided to recommend the renaming of Frederic Street Rd to Frederic Rd.

The decision to rename the road had been made based on: 

  • Conforming to the naming rules for places in Victoria 2016 where "road types are not to be used in the formation of a road name"; and, 
  • Addressing the inconveniences residents have endured with seven rural residential properties on the road .

Any enquiries relating to the proposal may be directed to Wodonga Council’s GIS co-ordinator on (02) 6022 9300.

January 14, 2020

This consultation has now closed.

Thank you to everybody who has had their say, a report will produced and supplied to the Place Names Committee.

Nov 19, 2019

This consultation is now open for public comment.

Location: Frederic Street Road

Submissions can be made online (using the online form below), by e-mail or phone.

Written submissions must be clearly marked as '' and will be received up until . They can also be sent by:


Written submissions must be clearly marked as ‘Proposed road names, 2019’.

Submissions can be made online, by email or post by Monday, January 13, 2020:

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