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Draft Playground Strategy 2016-2020

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Draft Playground Strategy 2016-2020

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Draft Playground Strategy 2016-2020

Consultation closed on Friday, May 12, 2017.

Wodonga Council is calling on the community to provide feedback on a draft strategy for the city’s playgrounds.

The Draft Playground Strategy 2016-2020 was endorsed by councillors at the March council meeting, signalling the start of a two-week community consultation period before its adoption

The strategy will provide ongoing direction to playground development and renewal in the city, shaping the next four years of decision-making.

It will guide the provision, development, management and investment in outdoor play spaces in public parks across our city and aims to develop criteria and principles for effective play provision, including play value, demand, supply and distribution.

Wodonga has an existing model for play provision that is both successful and unique. It considers the perspectives of many stakeholders involved in the process, such as engineering, infrastructure, sport, community planning and family youth.

The revision of the strategy will ensure its continued success in catering for the ongoing needs for children in our growing community, and the management of the 72 public playgrounds currently overseen by the council.

It is proposed that the strategic direction of the development and redevelopment of playgrounds in Wodonga will be influenced by two main guiding documents.

  1. Play Environments in Wodonga – a process for planning quality outdoor playspaces (used to guide council officers and developers on the principles of the development and redevelopment of playspaces).
  2. Playground Strategy 2016-2020 (guide council officers in the provision, development and management of already constructed outdoor playspaces).

These documents should be read in conjunction with the following Wodonga strategic plans and working documents:

  • Public Open Space Strategy (draft);
  • Leneva Valley and Baranduda Native Vegetation Precinct Plan;
  • Sport and Recreation Plan 2014-15 to 2019-20;
  • Leneva Baranduda Growth Area Framework Plan 2012 (draft);
  • Wodonga Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS);
  • Wodonga CBA Revitalisation Plan 2014 – 2034;
  • Neighbourhood Character Precincts (working document); and
  • Infrastructure Design Manual
Life Cycle
  • Open

    This consultation is open for public comment and contribution.

  • Under review

    Contributions to this consultation are closed for evaluation and review. The project team will report back on the key outcomes.

  • Strategy adopted

    The strategy was adopted by the council at the May 2017 council meeting.