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Leneva Baranduda Growth Area

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Leneva Baranduda Growth Area

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Leneva Baranduda Precinct Structure Plan (PSP)

The Leneva Baranduda Precinct comprises 1062 hectares of land within the larger Leneva-Baranduda growth area. The precinct is expected to take 20 to 30 years to fully develop and will house up to 6037 new dwellings accommodating a population of approximately 15,395 residents.

The Leneva Baranduda Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) will guide the future development of the Precinct and includes a high-level Structure Plan showing the location of major infrastructure items including community, drainage, open space, conservation and traffic items. 

The PSP establishes this vision for the precinct. 

The Leneva-Baranduda Precinct Structure Plan will have a well-defined urban character that has a strong relationship to the surrounding rural landscape. 

Development within the precinct will be strategically directed away from the conservation reserve network, encouraging whole of water cycle management principles and seeking to retain the scattered tree population within the future street network. 

The future precinct will deliver affordable and sustainable housing and will be a place where all people can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and strong community. 

The foundations for this vision are based on an urban structure comprising a walkable and cyclable street and trail network, housing and lifestyle choices, local jobs, local schools, and safe, attractive and functional open spaces offer a broad range of recreational pursuits.

The Leneva-Baranduda Development Contributions Plan (DCP) has been developed in parallel with the PSP to inform and direct the future planning and development of the precinct. The DCP requires development proponents to make a contribution toward infrastructure required to support the future community. Refer to the Development Contributions Plan page below for more detail.

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