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Question time

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Question time

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Members of the public are welcome to submit written questions to the council meeting.

A time is set aside at the end of the meeting for answering questions.

Questions should be on the approved question time form (available for download below) or you can submit a question online.

Questions may be submitted until noon on the meeting day via mail, online, or hand delivered to the council office at 104 Hovell St, Wodonga. Questions may also be submitted in person at the meeting venue until 10 minutes before the advertised start time of the meeting by being placed in the question box at the entrance to the council chamber.

A maximum of two questions per person, per meeting will be permitted.

If posting your question, please address to:  

Governance officer,
Wodonga Council,
PO Box 923,
Wodonga, VIC 3689

Submit your question online