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Permits required

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Permits required

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Please allow up to 10 working days for processing and approval of applications. Major events up to eight weeks.

Advertising Real Estate Permit Application

Permission to display signage for an open house/auction outside a premises. Permit fee is $217.

Advertising (temporary) sign permit application

Permission for temporary signage for an event. Permit fee is $40

Street trading and advertising permit

A permit fee of $75 is applicable if your application includes an A-frame.

A permit fee of $40 applies for all other street trading/advertising options.

Busking permit application

Needed for performers wishing to perform in Wodonga on the street. Permit is free

Bulk containers application

Permission to store a waste skip bin or container on the nature strip. Permit fee is $40

Camping and caravans permit application

Permission to occupy a caravan on private property or to occupy a camp or caravan in a public place. Permit fee is $40

Consumption of alcohol in public place permit application

Allows to consume alcohol in a public place or reserve. Permit fee $40

Door knock/tin shake/soliciting gifts permit application

A one-off application for person/s collecting for charity or petitions, and educating the community for an organisation, etc in a public place. Permit fee is $40

Events permit application

Permission to run events in Wodonga. Permit fee $40

General permit application

A one-off permit for any given use. Permit fee is $40

Heavy vehicles on private property permit application

Permission to house a heavy vehicle on private property. Permit fee is $40

Keeping of animals and birds permit application

For residents wishing to house more than the allowed amount of animals and/or birds. Permit fee $40

Livestock roadside grazing permit application

An annual application for residents wishing to graze livestock on a road reserve or municipal place within the district. Permit fee is $40

Nature strips permit application

A one-off application to modify the nature strip. Permit fee is $40

Occupation of roads or municipal places and use of council buildings/land permit application

Permission to restrict road access for the purpose of construction activities. Permit fee is $40

Parking permit application

A one-off application to book parking bay/s in advance for a period of time. Permit fee is $40 plus $10 per bay per day

Permit to burn

During a fire danger period you must apply to the CFA for a Schedule 13 Permit to conduct a burn-off. Apply online at cfa.vic.gov.au/warnings-restrictions/fire-permits/fire-danger-period-permits

Permit fee is $40 

Street stall/raffles permit application

A one-off application to have a staff located on High St. Permit fee is $40

Temporary road closure permit application

A one-off application to close a road within the municipality for an event. Permit fee is $40