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Electoral advertising

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Electoral advertising

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There are different rules that regulate the display of election or political signs in the lead up to elections on private property or council land.

Find out what signs can be displayed, whether you need a permit, or if something is prohibited. Please ensure you are familiar with the requirements before any signage is displayed.

Private property

The following requirements apply to private land and are regulated under the provisions of the Wodonga Planning Scheme. Any political or election signage that is contrary to the specific requirements below may be subject to fines and enforcement action under the Planning and Environment Act 1987. The planning laws restricting advertising can be found here.

Type of sign

Specific requirements

All election or political signs
(including but not limited to placard signs, signs on fences, signs in front gardens, signs in windows, signs on stationary vehicles or trailers)

  • Sign area not exceeding 5 square metres
  • Only one sign may be displayed on the land
  • Must not be an animated or internally illuminated sign
  • Must not be displayed longer than 14 days after the event is held or 3 months, whichever is sooner.
  • A sign publicising a local political event may include information about a candidate for an election.


Council land

The display of signage within Wodonga is governed by section 46 of the council’s local laws. The local laws are available on the council’s website.

The following requirements apply to council land which includes parks, reserves, roads, parking bays, footpaths and nature strips.

More information can be found in the standards and guidelines here.


Type of sign

Specific requirements

Mobile billboards
(including an advertising sign that is constructed to be part of a vehicle or trailer)

A local laws permit is required

The Department of Transport is responsible for managing advertising on vehicles travelling on public roads, and council is responsible for other activities that occur at fixed locations within the municipality

Under the Local Law, vehicles with mobile billboards are not permitted to be parked in public places except by way of a permit.  The local law allows for a permit to be issued for local events and vending activity at times but permits are not issued in Wodonga for any form of political advertising in municipal places.

All other election or political advertising signs

A local laws permit is required

Bill posters
(including posters and loose flyers in car windscreens, and the likes)

These are considered littering and will be dealt with under the provisions of the Environment Protection Act 2017


The penalty for the offence under the Local Law is a penalty infringement notice of $100 and signs can be seized and impounded.

For more information, contact the Customer Service Centre on 02 6022 9300.