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What is Healthy Together Wodonga?

Healthy Together Wodonga is a partnership between Wodonga Council and Gateway Health. Healthy Together Wodonga aims to improve people’s lives where they live, learn, work and play through recognising and strengthening the role of local community leadership in preventive health activities.

Australia has one of the best health systems in the world, but it is under pressure from the increasing prevalence of preventable chronic diseases. An increase in people being overweight or obese is associated with worrying trends in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis and some cancers.

The way we design our cities and organise our lives impacts on our health behaviours in many subtle, varied and complex ways. People are more likely to make healthy behaviour choices when these choices are easily available to them; and so environments that support or discourage health behaviours critically influence health.

While current and previous health promotion efforts have achieved some success, the increasing rates of preventable chronic disease have promoted the Department of Health to seek a more comprehensive and streamlined approach. Many good programs have been delivered, but they generally have either addressed single issues or been delivered in a fragmented way, which has reduced their impact.

Central to the Healthy Together Wodonga approach is co-ordinated effort across sectors that impact on the underlying causes of ill-health. Instead of a programs approach, the Healthy Together Wodonga initiative takes a different approach – developing the local prevention system.

Healthy Together Wodonga focuses on key settings where people work, learn, play and live.

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Last updated: 06-07-2016

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