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Write Around the Murray – Australian Poetry Slam heat

3 Aug, 2022

For those wanting to perform you must arrive at 6.30pm to register. 

Concrete paths, riverside walks, libraries, classrooms, your doorstep, your palm … when venues closed, we found poetry everywhere. 

This is your call to listen, watch and cheer. Australian Poetry Slam pops up on stages near you. The door is open. The mic is on. Push into the crowd and find your spot. 

Audience! You may be chosen as a judge. Poets! You have two minutes to spit, howl, dance, whisper and dream out loud. 

Perform your original work - no props, no costumes, no music. This is an exciting NSW-Victoria combined mega slam heat. The two highest-scoring NSW poets will represent Albury at the NSW final and two highest-scoring Victorian poets will represent Wodonga at the Victorian final!  

From July to October, APS heats and workshops connect storytellers across the nation, leading to the National Final as part of Story Week 2022. 

Are you the next Australian Poetry Slam Champion? 

Hosted by Huda the Goddess!  

Huda the Goddess is the current Australian Poetry Slam Champion and two-time Queensland champ. Huda is a spoken word poet, educator, mental health advocate, dancer and workshop facilitator. She describes poetry as one of her senses that allows her to turn her experiences into art and is currently working on her first poetry collection. As a proud African-Muslim woman it is important to her that young women from her community are represented and their stories are shared. Poetry is her connection to communities, land and her people. Having the chance to make people feel something will always be her goal as an artist.  

Full APS 2022 rules here: www.australianpoetryslam.com/rules 

RSVP required.

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