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Wodonga's walks are for young and old

31 Jul, 2020

Looking for ways to get out into nature with your children?

St Francis Nature Walk on Baranduda Blvd is the perfect and peaceful place to take in nature and entertain the children.

Wander past the dam and tree planting into the woodland with big old trees, cross the waterway on the boardwalk. Listen for birds and frogs. Enjoy the view of Baranduda Range.

Team Leader Parks and Bushland Andrew Griffiths said the Trail was one of the best kept secrets in the area.

"We have a series a WRENS reseves in Baranduda and Leneva area," he said.

"These are bushland corridors and they are open to the public to get out and explore.

"There are various things that residents can get out and explore like the wildlife, the animals and the flora."

Griffiths said the reserve, which is part of the Wodonga Retained Environment Network, helped to balance our ecosystems against the development of new residential areas.

"The idea (of the WRENS) emerged froma grand vision in the 1970s when the area was chosen as a National Growth Centre intended to draw people from capital cities," he said.

"Many of the reserves are accessible and they provide the benefits of nature close to home. the reserves forma wildlife corridor across Leneva and Baranduda."

There is a formed compacted gravel path, suitable for small prams as you need to squeeze through the entry gate. The trail is mostly flat and the path is even.