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Upstream Public Art Trail - Stream of Yellow Billed Spoon Bill [Mural]

17 Feb, 2021

The Platalea flavipes is a spoonbill species that inhabits Australia. The mural will be accompanied by Acacia buxifolia, commonly known as box-leaf wattle, a shrub species endemic to eastern Australia.

About the artist
Hiroyasu Tsuri (釣 博泰 Tsuri Hiroyasu) is a Japanese contemporary artist who resides in Melbourne and whose work stands out for its embodiment of hybridity. It blurs polarities such as East and West, studio practice and street art, representation and abstraction. He is also well known as TWOONE for his large scale mural works around the world.

Since 2014 Tsuri has been based in Berlin, Germany, where he continues to experiment with materials and mediums and push his art to new levels. His artworks have been acquired by the National Gallery of Victoria and by the City of Yarra as part of their permanent collections. 

Mural artwork by Hiroyasu Tsuri – TWOONE 2020
2 South Street, Wodonga