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Upstream Public Art Trail - Seasons of Stories [Mural]

17 Feb, 2021

The mural encompasses stories based on the celebration of “place” along the Murray River through the inspiration of the Upstream festival. Incorporating  Indigenous perspectives of life and culture, the mural also highlights the local landscape - its shapes, meandering journey lines and special sites in which Wodonga is acknowledged as a great meeting place of cultures, identities, histories and life. The river which is a strong life force within itself, radiates life on many levels creating a relaxed environment for recreation conducive to the celebration of people and place.

The title relates to the many experiences, stories, activities of life which culminate in the Upstream festival in an ever-growing urban environment loved by many.

About the artist
Dr Treahna Hamm has been a practising artist nationally and internationally for more than 30 years and holds a Doctorate of Philosophy (School of Education) at RMIT University.

Her artworks are composed with multi-layers of stories garnered from her Yorta Yorta experiences of living by the Murray River in Northern Victoria and southern NSW through contemporary practices including printmaking, painting, photography, public art, sculpture, possum skin cloaks, murals and highly individual fibre weaving. She works with abstract forms as well as traditional designs from her Indigenous heritage.

Mural artwork by Dr Treahna Hamm
11 Elgin Boulevard, Wodonga