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Trading clothes is fun and easy on the hip pocket

9 Sep, 2019

Connecting the community through fashion while also promoting sustainability, a free Clothes Swap Night at Baranduda Community Centre will give residents the chance to trade in their clothes for some new threads.

If you have good quality clothes in your wardrobe that you just don’t wear anymore then bring them along on Friday, September 13.

Baranduda Community Centre Co-ordinator Stacey Harrison encouraged the community to get on board the event.

"It's a great way to refresh your wardrobe without spending money," she said.

"You can drop your clothing off to the community centre between 9am and 11am on the day of the event."

The swap is for adult men’s and women’s clothing only.

Starting from 5pm, participants will be allowed into the swapping area and can choose any items.

You can take one item for each token you receive. Once you have chosen your “new” items, hand in one token for each item you are “buying” at the exit.

BYO drinks and nibbles. We are also looking for any party plan businesses to make contact so they can have a stall on the evening of the event.

The event will run until 8pm.

Please call the centre to book a spot. Bookings: (02) 6020 8643.

Did you know that clothes take decades to break down in landfill and there are many alternatives to reduce, reuse and recycle your clothing instead.

Here's some ideas for your unwanted clothing:

  •  Swap and share with your family and friends. Your bestie may just have that perfect top and skirt combo for a night out with the girls.
  •  Turn your clothes into cash. Sell your pre-loved items on Facebook, Gumtree or the like. You can make a quick buck while another person gets a bargain.
  •  Donate and feel great. Donate your pre-loved clothing to your local Op Shop and while you’re there have a look around for a second-hand bargain. Don’t forget to make sure it is good quality.
  •  Repair your clothes. Nan, the Repair Café or even YouTube can show you how to sew a button back on your favourite top or pair of jeans.
  •  Cut and re-use your clothing as cleaning rags or stuffing for your pet’s bed.
  •  Be organised. Keep your wardrobe tidy so you can see everything that is available to be worn.
  •  Freshen your look with accessories or buy clothes that can be layered so you can wear them for a variety of occasions.
  •  Look after your clothes by following their specific care instructions.
  • Choose quality over quantity. Avoid buying cheap garments made from synthetic fabrics.

* These tips and more available at halvewaste.com.au