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The Victorian Live Music Census 2021

10 Nov, 2021

The 2017 Live Music Census identified Melbourne as the ‘live music capital of the world’ in relative to venues per capita.

The last 18 months, however, have made the feel of sticky carpets, ringing ears and happy punters, a vivid and comforting memory.

We are all saddened by the devastating impact that the restrictions and lockdowns have had on the experiences we so valued, loved and shared together. But the silence is lifting and we need the help of musicians, DJs and live music lovers alike.

Music Victoria has been commissioned by the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions and seven Melbourne councils to conduct an audit of music presentation and infrastructure in the state's eleven Regional Tourism Areas and metropolitan Melbourne.

The 2017 Live Music Census showed that in Greater Melbourne, over 100,000 gigs took place in 460+ regular music venues; watched by 18 million fans who generated over $1.7 billion in revenue and created thousands of jobs for performers, hospitality staff, technicians and in all those businesses involved in the live music industry.

The data informed discussions which resulted in the creation of the state government's landmark $22 million Music Works program and assisted industry advocates persuade the government to introduce 'Agent of Change' planning provisions to protect and preserve live music venues.

These world-first provisions have subsequently inspired and been copied by city planners around the world.

The Victorian Live Music Census and Infrastructure Audit 2021 will quantify live music’s value as a vital tourism driver/economic contributor.

The data will help us assess the potential for increased activity while identifying current challenges and gaps in support mechanisms and infrastructure.

Through this data and the report, we will help revive the spirits of fans and the fortunes of all who participate and work in our renowned live music scene.

A major part of this census is hearing from key stakeholders; industry, performers and attendees via our anonymous online surveys.

The surveys will benchmark live music activity in 2019 and document what was ‘lost’ in 2020/2021.

Complete the survey online at https://linktr.ee/vicmusiccensus