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Roll Up Reggie hitting the roads

17 Nov, 2021

Roll Up Reggie, a state of the art vaccination bus, will be hitting the roads in North East Victoria from today.

The bus, which will fondly be referred to as Reggie, is an initiative of Albury Wodonga Public Health Unit, which has teamed with Dysons to provide the service.

It follows a similar model to two buses run by Goulburn Valley Health in Shepparton.

Albury Wodonga Local Public Health Unit (AW LPHU) will use the bus in Alpine, Indigo, Towong, Wangaratta and Wodonga municipalities, along with AlburyCity.

The bus includes two vaccination pods and has the potential to vaccinate up to 40 people per hour and 200 during a five-hour vaccination session.

A post vaccination after-care area has been incorporated inside the bus, with the ability to expand outside of the bus if required.

AW PHU Public Health Director Lucie Shanahan said the bus was a great addition to the range of vaccination options in the region.

“This bus has been funded by the Victorian Government and we have received wonderful support from Dysons in bringing the bus to our region,” she said.

“The plan is that we will have the bus on a roster each week, which will be available for people to view via the AWH website.

“There will also be private appointments for places such as schools and businesses.

“The bus will also give us the flexibility to take it to places where there may be outbreaks to increase vaccination access to people.

“We are now moving to the stage where people will be seeking their booster dose so the bus will give us extra scope to provide this service to our communities.

“If you have not had a vaccine yet, are due your second dose or booster, come and check out Reggie and the vaccination bus when they are in a place near you.”