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Mowing crews spring into action

1 Sep, 2022

Wodonga Council’s outdoor teams are gearing up for a major seasonal campaign tackling the delights - and dangers - of spring.

With the recent wet weather and forecast of more rain to come it’s shaping up to be a prolonged and busy period.

The turning of the seasons brings rapid vegetation growth in the city’s parks, reserves and roadsides, which we will see council teams kick off their annual spring/summer mowing program to keep on top of the growth.

The council’s Manager Outdoor Operations, Richard Lamb, said it would be all hands on deck during the busy growth season.

“Just as people at home will be dusting off their mowers and trimmers to deal with sudden grass growth in their yards, our workers will be out in force to stay on top of the huge task of mowing, slashing and edging our parks, gardens and reserves,” he said.

“This work not only keeps our city looking tidy, it also helps to reduce some of the dangers of the warmer months such as the fire risk and snake activity.”

In the next few weeks, council teams will begin a concentrated program of fire trail maintenance as well as the mowing and slashing of rural roadsides to reduce the fuel load ahead of the fire season.

“Snakes will become increasingly active over the coming weeks and months so we urge people to take care when outdoors enjoying our parks and reserves,” Mr Lamb said.

“While well mown parks and reserves will help reduce the risk of snakes they can still be seen in these areas, particularly along creek lines where they have good food and water sources."

Spring also brings the risk of magpie swooping as the usually-placid birds protect their young by attacking cyclists and walkers.

Mr Lamb acknowledged that being swooped can be an alarming experience but urged people to remember that the birds are a protected species that are trying to protect their young during the breeding season.

He said the council would produce a “swooping map” to alert residents to hotspots and signage would be installed at high risk locations to help people avoid risk areas where possible.

“Spring is a wonderful time after the cold months of winter but it does come with challenges so we ask people to be careful in outdoor areas and also to be patient while we roll out our mowing program,” he said.

“Like your lawns at home, the grass and weeds in our public spaces will be growing rapidly but our teams will be out there to keep our public spaces attractive and safe.”

High winter rainfalls have also caused flooding in low-lying areas across the city. With water levels unlikely to fall soon, people are urged to avoid floodwaters at all times.

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