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Mentors helping young artists to grow

20 Jun, 2022

Young artists are getting expert help to grow their creative skills, explore new concepts and workshop their ideas, thanks to a mentoring program at Hyphen Wodonga Library Gallery.

The program is linked to the Spotlight exhibition at Hyphen, a pop-up display that showcases the works of five young artists, Alannah Barnes, Fox Williams, Henry Eather, Isabelle Rebetzke and Michaela Binyon.

Each uses different techniques to create unique works that touch upon subjects as wide-ranging as gender diversity, social and environmental issues, and the artistry of comic books.

As part of Hyphen’s commitment to nurturing emerging talent, four of the young people are teaming up with established artists to learn how to take their work to higher levels.

The mentors - Nat Ord, Kieran Jack, Alison Percy and Pinky Wittingslow – are giving creative and practical support in two one-on-one sessions with their students.

Fifteen-year-old year 10 student, Henry Eather, is working with experienced artist Kieran Jack. The two share a passion for comic book artistry and Henry – who has been ‘drawing for as long as I can remember’ - is grateful for the opportunity.

“It really gave me a push to make my own stuff and I was very, very thankful that I was able to talk with him and learn from him,” Henry said.

“He told me what he did (in Kieran’s own artwork) and what I could improve upon and get into more of a flow.”

For Kieran, the opportunity was equally rewarding.

“I was fortunate enough in my own development to talk to Australian talent to get experience and more knowledge as a creator so it was a great experience to be able to share that with an up-and-comer like Henry,” Kieran said.

“I think there’s a strong community (of emerging artists) in Wodonga which I didn’t realise was there and I’m seeing it now as I do more of these mentoring classes.”

The mentoring program continues, with Pinky Wittingslow working with Fox Williams, Alison Percy with Allannah Barnes, and Nat Ord with Isabelle Rebetzke.

The Spotlight exhibition continues until July 11.

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