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Lots to Love about volunteering

26 Mar, 2021

Wodonga volunteer Steve Love just loves volunteering.

Steve spends three hours every week volunteering with the Outdoor Operations and Parks and Gardens team at the Wodonga depot.

Steve, an amputee, came to Wodonga Council in 2017 looking to keep busy and get back his passion for painting.

"I had been a painter for many years and after several bouts of illness, I wanted to give back and find something to to keep me active and moving," he said.

Steve works on several projects for council including sanding, staining and woodwork.

During COVID-19, Love was able to continue to volunteer and clocked up more than 100 hours in 2020.

He had an isolated workspace and, as a result, was able to contining working on wooden panels for the park benches. They are then used in our local parks and on pathways.

Volunteer Co-ordinator Tarryn Firman said Steve's contribution to the community was invalauable and the work he did enriched the city.

"Steve takes something that is worn, beaten and seen as no good and slowly spends the time to sand back the damage," she said.

"He protects it with a new coat of paint and sends it back out into the world for a second chance to fulfil its purpose.

"He is also resilient despite the challenges and hurdles he has experienced. He remains positive and sees the beauty and good in all things.

"You can't help but want to pick up a paintbrush and join in."

Steve's passion for volunteering has now seen him join the Wodonga Men's Shed Association where he make wooden toys and trains.

"Get into volunteering," he said.

"I have found it so beneficial and I know others will too."