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Koorie Champions Network Group a finalist

11 Sep, 2019

The Koorie Champions Network Group has been named as a finalist in the Victorian Early Years Awards.

The group is a partnership between Wodonga Council, Local Aboriginal Education Consultant Group (LAECG) and the Victorian Department of Education and Training's Koorie Engagement Support Unit (KEU).

The partnership aims to give professionals a way to give knowledge of Aboriginal culture and builds on efforts to increase the enrolment of Aboriginal children in preschool programs.

"By increasing the knowledge of professionals, the network then looks to how this knowledge can be integrated into daily classroom practice," Manager Early Years and Family Services Nola Bales said.

"We recognised that enrolling and supporting engagement in preschool programs was only the beginning. The group allows professionals to gain knowledge through workshops, activities and excursions with guest speakers on topics that are culturally significant.

"The benefits for children include access and participation in early learning where they feel culturally safe and supported, and that all children feel accepted and supported as there is a belief system of inclusion."

Since the introduction of the Koorie Champions Network Group in 2017, preschool enrolments by Aboriginal families have increased significantly.