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Kindergarten students welcome new feathered friend

14 Dec, 2022

The Felltimber Kindergarten students have made a new friend of the feathered variety – and the patter of little webbed feet could be next.

The centre is next to the Felltimber Lake where many ducks have taken up residency over the years.

Recently, however, one friendly duck has been keeping a close eye on the students at the centre.

Educational Leader, Vicki Lee, said each lunchtime the students are visited by the duck which they have fondly named Mummadook.

Mummadook is extra special as she has laid eggs in a hedge inside the centre’s yard, much to the delight of the children.

“The kids were playing one day and found the duck in one of our hedges in our yard, it has actually come all the way into the yard,” Vicki said.

“It usually comes out at lunchtime to say hello.

“Just the other day we noticed seven eggs in a nest but we are not sure how long they have been there.”

Vicki said the children had become quite attached to Mummadook and have been keeping a close eye on her eggs.

“We often hear the kids yell: ‘The duck’s out’,” she said.

“It has been a great educational experience for them.

“We have been talking about what the duck is doing, why it might get cross if they get close because it is protecting its eggs.”

Vicki said the children and staff gave the mum-to-be a bowl of water on one hot day but Mummadook had other ideas.

“She started walking over to the bubbler instead and used the catcher down the bottom to have a drink and so that’s where she has been getting her water, she’s got it all worked out,” Vicki said.

After some research, Vicki discovered duck eggs usually take a month to hatch.

“We have been looking from a distance, the kids are all very excited,” she said.

When the eggs hatch, the hatchlings will be joined by other ducklings and baby geese at the lake.

Wodonga’s reserves, bushland, wetlands and open spaces attract a variety of birds and animals and the area provides an abundance of natural foods for them.

While it may seem fun to feed birds or other wildlife, it can cause them more harm than good.

For more information on why we shouldn’t feed wildlife, visit here.

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