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It's time to nominate

26 Apr, 2021

Wodonga mayor Kev Poulton is encouraging Wodonga residents to nominate someone they know for the Volunteer of the Years awards.

With many people doing outstanding work in our community, Mayor Poulton said the awards were a great chance to acknowledge the hard work and effort of volunteers in the community.

Volunteers can be nominated for four catergories including the Bryan Watson Award for Wodonga Individual of the Year, Wodonga Volunteer Team of the Year, the Two Cities One Community Volunteer award and the Albury-Wodonga Mayoral Volunteer Award.

"We want to recognise those around us who continued, particularly through COVID to volunteer," he said.

"Those that perhaps dropped off from volunteering ... so we want to reconnect with those.

"And reimagine what it means to be a volunteer. But the most important part is that you nominate somebody you know that does wonderful things, not always noted in the community, quite often our volunteers are behind the scenes.

"Get behind the awards and nominate someone from our community who has done a great job."

Nominations close 5pm on Thursday, April 29, 2021. To nominate visit https://www.wodonga.vic.gov.au/Microsites/Volunteer-of-the-Year-Awards-2021

Award winners will be announced on Wednesday, May 19, 2021.

Award categories 

  1. Bryan Watson Award (Wodonga Individual of the Year Award)
    Recognition of an outstandingly effective volunteer as the Individual Volunteer of the Year.
  2. Wodonga Volunteer Team of the Year Award
    Recognition of an outstandingly effective team of volunteers as the Volunteer Team of the Year.
  3. Two Cities One Community Volunteer Award
    Recognition of an outstandingly effective individual or team who contributes to both Albury and Wodonga.
  4. Albury-Wodonga Mayoral Volunteer Award
    Recognition of an individual or team who is a community champion in advocating and promoting volunteering and our cities.