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HotHouse Theatre presents This Is Your City

15 Mar, 2022

There is a brand new way for you to rediscover Albury Wodonga, taking place between March 12 and 20.

THIS IS YOUR CITY is a live theatre adaptation of the 1986 classic Albury Wodonga board game, where you, your family and friends watch a show, drive in your car and play live through our twin cities, in an afternoon of pure fun.



You start at the Butter Factory Theatre, with a live theatre show that draws you into the story and sets up the gameplay. Then, with smartphone and keys in hand, you and your group are off and running! Instructions are sent to your phone, leading you to familiar sites around town, with puzzles, clues and tasks triggered along the way by QR codes hidden at each location.

While you travel in your car to each location, you are guided by the hilarious characters from the show with audio feeds, played through your car stereo.
With stops along the way to grab a coffee and a bite, multiple paths to choose from and built-in game paths suitable for young families, THIS IS YOUR CITY is the kind of theatre you never realised you needed!

A spectacular way to rediscover your city and a feel-good experience your family and friends will be talking about for years to come.


It’s 1934. A race around the world is in full swing, when a young, mischievous girl from Albury Wodonga mysteriously disappears.

Answering a mayday from the past, players are called upon to become contact tracers on a mission to save our trailblazing heroine, in this race against time. Transforming your car into a time travelling cardis, you and your team must delve into the timestream traversing locations and events across the boardgame to retrieve the young girl before the time runs out and the global race concludes.

Combining live performance, immersive audio theatre and interactive gaming, participants will race through the cities in their cars, exploring spaces, hunting for clues, completing tasks and engaging with live performers to complete the game.

For more information click here.

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