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Get your skates on

28 May, 2021

Wodonga is a powerhouse for skateboarding talent, according to the North East Skate Park Competition Series Director Richard Flude.

After COVID-19 cancelled last year's event, Mr Flude is looking forward to seeing the rise of talent during the skate series which kicked off last month.

The next stop is Myrtleford and Benalla this weekend, May 29 and 30 respectively, and then it's onto Baranduda on June 5.

"We see a lot of talent from regional areas because there's a lot of great skate parks for young people to practice," Mr Flude said.

"These kids are getting better and better and Wodonga is a powerhouse for talent and generaly has the biggest field of competitors."

The skate series will make its way throughout Victoria before stopping at Wodonga on October 23.

Between 40 and 60 competitors are expected at the Wodonga skate series.

"Wodonga will be a big stop, a lot of our competitors in 2019 came from Wodonga," Mr Flude said.

"Skateboarding is a great hobby for young people as it involves staying active, moving your body and can help people connect with others at skate parks."

The skate park series bring communities together in a public space where they have the opportunity to feel connected, and celebrates the talents of local skate park users of all ages, genders and backgrounds together.

The events focus on positive participation with skate, scoot, and BMX competitions.

The skate park series encourages the positive skate park culture of support and inclusion in the skate competitions.

Competitors accumulate points through participating in multiple skate park series that form the League Ladders.

The event opens pathways to state qualifiers and national competitions that can take competitors to the world championships and then Olympic selections.

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