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Get ready now for flood season

8 Oct, 2020

The Victoria State Emergency Service continues to prepare for potential flooding in the coming weeks and months and is asking you to play your part.

The SES is urging residents to get ready by putting together an emergency kit.

Having an emergency kit or “survival kit” ready when emergencies happen means you; your family and pets are better prepared when the flood, fire, storm or even a power outage happens.

Your emergency kit can keep items you might need to help you cope, look after your basic needs, and stay informed during and after most emergencies. If you have pets, your emergency kit can include pet
essentials to help keep them safe and calm, too.

During a flood, if you decide to leave for a safer place or are advised to evacuate, always take your pets and your emergency kit with you, with extra clothing, identification, important documents, prescriptions and
medicines added just before you leave.

An emergency kit needs: three-plus days supply of non-perishable food, two-plus litres of drinking water per person per day, a battery-operated torch and radio, batteries, first-aid kit and phone charger.