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Council’s new-look Hovell St offices reopen to the public

4 Nov, 2019

Wodonga Council’s new-look customer service centre and entrance to its Hovell St offices reopens to the public today.

Customer service staff have relocated from the temporary High St location and are now operation at the refurbished site.

The Hovell St building is more than 40 years old and the refurbishment works have addressed age-related building defects and non-compliant building issues such as disability access, lift access, staff and public amenities.

The works included the installation of a new lift at the entrance and the customer focus area updated to make the building more accessible and safer for staff and visitors.

The lift goes from the car park level to the second floor where North East Catchment Management Authority is located.

The lift meets accessibility standards for the community to access the public areas of the building, including customer service, public toilets and Council Chamber.

Wodonga Mayor Cr Anna Speedie said the council looked forward to welcoming and serving the community in the new-look customer service centre.

“By updating our existing building, we a providing a functional space with better public access that is compliant with today’s standards while ensuring we are providing a safe workplace for our staff,” she said.

The council’s customer service receives on average 25,000 counter visits each year in addition to 50,000 phone calls.

The return to Hovell St paves the way for Wodonga Library to move to the High St space and extend into the neighbouring former sports store.

Wodonga Library and Arts Space Wodonga will close the doors on Wednesday, November 13 with a farewell event.

The library will reopen on Wednesday, November 20 in High St.

The tender for the library-gallery redevelopment is due to be awarded before the end of the year.